Northeast Ohio PubLic Energy Council (NOPEC)

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The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) is made up of over 200 communities in 13 Northeast Ohio counties.  Voters in each of these communities passed ordinances that authorized their local government to aggregate all eligible natural gas and electricity customers within the community, and as a result NOPEC was formed in November 2000.

The concept of NOPEC is simple. By banding together into one large buying group, communities gain leverage in the deregulated marketplace. The individual utility customers NOPEC represents enjoy advantages of volume driven discounts, professional expertise, and consumer advocacy on their behalf. With more than half a million potential customers, NOPEC is the largest public energy aggregation in the United States.

NOPEC is governed by a General Assembly, made up of one representative from each member community. The representatives from each county then elect one person to serve on the eight-member NOPEC Board of Directors.

NOPEC’s mission is to provide the lowest possible rates to its customers, but also much more. In the volatile deregulated energy marketplace, NOPEC recognizes that just as important as low rates is long-term stability in prices – the reassurance that each customer’s energy bill won’t suddenly skyrocket. The rates NOPEC negotiates are under multi-year contracts, giving NOPEC member community residents the comfort of knowing they won’t get a shocking surprise when they open their electric or gas bill.

Finally, as a public entity, NOPEC is uniquely suited to advocate on behalf of its customers – and, indeed, all Ohio consumers – for the legislative and regulatory changes needed to make this process fairer and more open for everyone.




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