Bedford Automile

Bedford Automile

Formally organized in 1956, the Bedford Automile Dealers Association was established to join the dealers in the Broadway/Rockside Road area into a common voice.

Together, these franchised new car dealers have established as their mission , the promotion of new and used car vehicle sales along with contributing to local charitable organizations. This provides a positive public impact within a community.

As we embark on our 51st year, we have established this site as an efficient way to promote each of our dealerships individually as well as the synergy created by joining hands as a group.

The Bedford Automile now stands as 26 new car/truck franchises that extends approximately from the intersection of Broadway Ave. (Route 14) and Rockside Road south 1/2 mile and east 1/2. Quite literally the largest selection of new an used vehicles anywhere in the state is found in one convenient destination.

We've provided miles of smiles for over 50 years. We invite you to see for yourself the benefits of shopping the "Bedford Automile."

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