Sweepstakes Terminal Cafe

Sweepstakes Terminal Café INFORMATION

1. All applicants shall fill out the form of application neatly and legibly in its entirety, listing all phone and fax numbers and all other information required. The exclusion of necessary information, the providing of inaccurate or false information, failure to report changes in a timely manner, or the failure to renew licenses in a timely manner will result in denial, suspension or revocation of the license. Per Section 749.08, all owners, general or limited Partners, Partnerships, shareholders of Corporations and principals of any other type of business must be represented on the application and must sign the application. In the event that no single shareholder of a Corporation owns twenty five percent (25%) of the Corporation, then the statutory agent or other authorized agent shall sign the application.

2. All forms of Exhibit shall be included, from Exhibit A to Exhibit L. If any Exhibit is found to be “Not Applicable”, then the sheet shall still be included with the application and marked as “Not Applicable’ along with a brief explanation as to why it is not applicable.

3. Each Sweepstakes Terminal Café license issued will be valid for one (1) year from January 1st of each year to December 31st of that same year. No license fee shall be prorated, and the yearly fee shall apply to a full year or any portion of the year during which the business will be in operation. The renewal period for each license will begin on December 1st and end on December 31st of the year in question. No grace period will be applied to the license. Bedford Police will be instructed to close the place of business on January 1st of the following year if the new license has not been obtained by that time.

4. Likewise, each device license is valid for a period of one (1) month, beginning on the first day of the month and ending on the last day of the month. No license fee will be prorated, and the fee will apply to a full month or any portion thereof during which the device is in service. Each license for each device must be obtained or renewed on or before the last day of the preceding month, or the device may not be used as of the beginning of the new month.

5. License fees that will be applicable to this application shall be filed at the time of the submittal of the application. Per Section 749.13 of the ordinance, fees shall be $5,000 ( for the remainder of the calendar year) for the Sweepstakes Terminal Café license and $30 each for the Computer devices for the first month of operation.

6. Section 749.10 of the ordinances requires 30 square feet of floor space per sweepstakes device and one parking space per two sweepstakes devices. As part of your response to Form of Application item 21 and the related Exhibit E which will be attached, take particular care to show compliance with these two requirements.

7. Exhibit L is on a form supplied by the Bedford Building Department. It is a form furnished for the purpose of obtaining the required fingerprinting and resultant background check that is required by Section 749.08 for each owner/partner of the sweepstakes terminal café as well as every person/operator that is going to work therein. By ordinance, this form must be supplied to the Bedford Police Department with the names of the applicable persons listed thereon so that the Police can verify by their authorized signature that each background check has been reviewed and found to be acceptable by ordinance. Once the representative of the Police Department has signed off on each individual, you will retrieve the form and attach it to your otherwise completed Form of Application with all of the other Exhibits. Previous background checks will be considered valid only if they were obtained within the last 6 months and only if they were obtained from the Bedford Police Department.

8. If any information on the application changes, including but not limited to the name of the operator or his/her employees, the hours of business, phone or fax numbers, the number or placement of the devices, or any other information listed on the Form of Application, a revised Form of Application will be submitted prior to the end of the month during which the change takes place for review and re-approval of the license. Failure to report changes in a timely manner will result in revocation of the license. There will be no fee for changes to the application.

9. Your attention is called specifically to Section 749.10 entitled Conditions and Regulations as well as Section 749.11 entitled Prohibited Conduct. You may not, at any time, permit indecent language or immoral conduct in the place of business. You may not permit any gambling or gambling paraphernalia in the place of business. You may not permit any controlled substances in the building. You may not permit any person in the building that is under the age of 21. You must keep the floor of the building as well as the parking lot and adjacent sidewalks free of paper or debris generated by individuals coming to or leaving the business. You must display the business license as well as the individual device licenses in a conspicuous location at all times. You must also display any sweepstakes rule and the odds of winning. You should read this entire Section carefully for other related regulations.

10. Owners of the building being proposed as a Sweepstakes Terminal Café are reminded that once the license application has been approved, they still have to follow normal procedures for any alterations or upgrades to their property that will be necessitated by the proposed use. These changes include but are not limited to the addition of electrical outlets for the computerized devices used.


Device Application

Exhibit " L" (Employees)