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Multiple Vehicles Damaged in Fire

Bedford firefighters responded this evening to a report of a vehicle fire in the lot at Lally Chevrolet. Firefighters battled six vehicle fires simultaneously. Fire spread from the vehicle of origin and caught five other vehicles on fire. The incident is under investigation.

Swift Water Rescue

A kayaker became trapped on a rock in the middle Tinker's Creek in the Glens area of the Metro Parks. The individual was separated from his kayak and due to the swift moving water was unable to get to shore. Firefighters responded to the incident at 12:50 pm. The male was located in the same area that crews performed a rescue four weeks prior. 

Firefighters from Bedford, Maple Heights, Oakwood and Valley View responded. Due to the complexity of the rescue the Hillcrest Technical Rescue Team responded to provide expertise and assistance. A rescue swimmer from the technical rescue team entered the fast moving water and was able to make his way to the victim and both were successfully and safely brought to shore. The victim did not suffer any significant injury.  

Man in water at Viaduct Park
Bedford Fire and Police responded to a report of a man in Tinker's Creek in the area of Viaduct Park. The victim was found in the middle of the creek sitting on a downed tree. The victim apparently fell from a cliff surrounding the creek. Firefighters and Police Officers were able to negotiate with the individual who agreed to exit the water at a designated safe area. 

Firefighters from Maple Heights and Oakwood Village assisted. The Hillcrest Technical Rescue Team and Metro Lifeflight were at the scene to provide additional resources. The victim was flown by helicopter to Metro Trauma Center for treatment of his injuries.

Structure Fire
At 6:45 am Bedford Engine 12 was diverted from their response to a general fire alarm to a report of smoke and fire coming from a second floor window in a house on Hansen Ave. in Maple Heights. Firefighters from Bedford and Maple Heights quickly extinguished the blaze, performed a search for victims and ventilated the house bringing the situation under control in a timely fashion.

There were no firefighter or civilian injuries.

Swift Water Rescue in the Metro Parks
At 6:21 pm on 4/26/2011 multiple calls were received reporting an individual was under the water in the Viaduct area at Bedford Glens.

The victim was located on a large rock approx 100 ft downstream of the viaduct. Due to the large amount of recent rain, the isolated location of the victim and the swift moving water (estimated at 10 mph) simple rescue not feasible.
After careful evaluation is was determined that given the swift water condition, location of victim, and terrain that in order to successfully complete the rescue multiple resources would be required. Numerous firefighters and special rescue team members would be needed. The labor intensive operation would be, according to the technical rescue team leader, the most dangerous rescue scenario they are faced with.

Rope systems were deployed by crews on north bank (Bedford Glens side) from shore. Three firefighters rappelled down the 120 ft shale cliff to deploy additional rope systems from south side (Egbert Picnic area). At 8:03pm a rescuer swimmer entered the water and at 8:04pm the rescue swimmer made contact with the victim on the rock. At 8:21 pm the rescue swimmer and the victim entered the water and at 8:22pm the victim was on the north bank of the creek.

The victim was transported to Hillcrest Hospital and later released. A Metro Park Ranger was transported to Bedford Medical Center and later released. There were no additional injuries reported.

Accident closes Northfield Rd.
The driver of an unloaded low pressure chemical tank transport truck apparently lost control of the vehicle this morning. The truck struck a utility pole, fire hydrant and travelled through numerous residential properties before coming to rest on the front lawn of a church. Northfield road was closed down due to live electrical lines laying across the roadway. The driver of the vehicle did not suffer any injury.

High Rise Smoke Scare

Bedford Engine 13 responded, mutual aid to Bedford Heights, for a report of smoke filling the 6th floor of Rockside Towers. Moderate smoke condition confronted fire crews from Bedford, Bedford Heights and Maple Heights. Situation was brought under control within 45 minutes. The cause of the smoke was determined to be a faulty elevator motor.

Cardiac Emergency
Bedford Squad and Engine responded to an individual complaining of weakness and chest discomfort (engine responded with second squad because primary squad was on another call). Evaluation of patient showed that the individual was suffering a myocardial infarction. Fire crews activated University Hospitals STEMI Protocol. This is a protocol that is in place which the ultimate goal is for a patient suffering a heart attack to be in a Heart Cath Lab within 90 minutes from initial EMS (rescue squad) contact. The individual was transported by squad to BMC, then by helicopter to Case Cath Lab. The individual received a heart cath in 83 minutes from initial EMS onset (recall the goal is 90 minutes). There was no time to spare in this scenario as the patient suffered a cardiac arrest as they were being place on the cath lab table. The patient was successfully resuscitated and is alive today. The key to survival was the availability and quick response of Bedford Fire Paramedics and Apparatus.

Structure Fire

Bedford Engine 12 responded to a working housefire on Janice (Maple Heights) at approximately 7:00pm this evening. Fire crews were confronted with zero visibility and high heat conditions as they worked to locate the origin of the fire in the basement of the home. Lieutenant Greg Miller and his crew worked with Maple Heights firefighters to locate and extinguish and overhaul a fire which had originated in the basement of the one story home.

There were no firefighter or civilian injuries.