Specialized Regional Teams

Specialized Regional Response Teams

Due to the complex nature of certain low frequency-high risk emergencies and limited resources of individual departments specialized regional teams have been formed. These teams are composed of members from numerous departments in the region. Departments can activate these teams as necessary. Firefighters from Bedford served on these teams. Not only did this show a commitment to regionalization but these firefighters were able to provide valuable skills and knowledge to entire Bedford Fire Department. This enabled first responding units and firefighters from our department to more efficiently begin rendering care to victims during these unique rescue scenarios.

Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)
The team assists in mitigation of incidents involving hazardous (chemical, biological, etc.) agents. The team is also trained to perform confined space rescues.

Firefighter Chris Neading represented the Department as a member of the Chagrin/Southeast Region Hazardous Materials Team.

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Hillcrest Technical Rescue Team (HTRT)
This technical rescue team performs specialized rescues such as high angle rope rescue, trench rescue, confined space, swift water rescue, ice rescue, and dive rescues.

Lieutenant Brian Harting and Firefighter Jeff Diederich continued to function as members of the HTRT.

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Tactical EMS
These individuals are deployed and function as front line medical personnel for Swat Team members during their operations.