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Tax Increase Annoucement

On May 2, 2017 the residents of the City of Bedford voted and passed a municipal income tax rate and credit rate increase. The income tax will increase from 2.25% to 3.0% and the residential income tax credit will increase from 1.5% to 2.25%. These increases are effective January 1, 2018.

The tax rate for 2017 will remain the same at 2.25%. However, looking forward to tax year 2018, Bedford businesses and residents may need to adjust their estimates paid for 2018 and possibly increase these payments accordingly. The City recommends reviewing, updating and paying quarterly estimated payments for net profit, and individual return accounts. This is the best way to avoid facing late payment penalties and interest mandated by the State of Ohio (Ohio Revised Code Chapter 718).


 Welcome to the City of Bedford Tax Department

The Tax Department offers all residents the ability to calculate and print your municipal
income tax return online. After completion of the return, please send the return
including all documentation, by US mail to the Tax Department. The online tax
preparation system was awarded the Ohio Government Finance Officers Association
(GFOA) Innovation award in 2003.

The City of Bedford’s Tax Rate is 3%. The City allows a credit of up to 2.25% on
other City withholding taxes paid.
Payment of all individual and business taxes is due by April 15th. Estimated payments
are billed on a quarterly basis for your convenience.

Our Tax Administrator is Frank C. Gambosi, C.P.A., Finance Director of the City of
Bedford. You can reach Mr. Gambosi by mail at

If you have any questions, please contact the Tax Department at (440) 735-6505.



According to the Ohio Revised Code, the Director of the Department of Insurance
may suspend, revoke or refuse to issue an insurance license, assess a civil
penalty, or impose other sanctions, if an agent or agency fails to comply with
any official invoice, notice or assessment, or order directing payment of
federal, state or local income tax, state or local sales tax, or workers'
compensation premiums.

Ohio recently passed a new licensing law requiring insurance agents to renew
their licenses every two years. During the next 18 months, the Department will
review renewal applications to make sure agents are in compliance. If an agent
has an outstanding judgment lien filed against them or their organization, the
Department will take administrative action against the agent's license.

From "The Regulator", Ohio Department of Insurance.

House Bill 601 and House Bill 5 Revenue Impacts

 The major changes for Bedford Citizens would be:

1. Estimated payments would be required by all taxpayers and penalties for non-compliance would be applied no exceptions:

2. We have to conform to all State mandated sections of the code as passed by this HB5

3. Business Net Operating Loss carry forward would be increased from 0 to 5 years causing an immediate decrease in revenue of $350,000 from the City’s budget and a potential loss of $1 million from businesses in the future.

4. Business withholding would start on the 20th day instead of 12 days now.

5. Wages earned under 18 years of age would now be taxed.

6. Creates Municipal Tax Advisory board with power over council.

7. See more changes in HB 5 analysis by Cleveland’s Central collection Agency

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