Chipper Service will Begin the Week of April 4th

Posted on March 14, 2022

Brush and Branch Collection – Branch collection will be the weeks of April 4, May 2,  June 6,  July 5, August 1, September 6 and October 3, 2022. All items need to be on the curb and called into the Service Department before the start of brush pick up day.  Place branches on tree lawn with cut end going the same direction (either facing the street or going with the flow of traffic). Branches cannot be larger than 10 inches in diameter. Leave limbs as long as possible for continuous feed into the chipper.  You must call the Service Department at 440-735-6583 and your address will be placed on a list for pick up.

Limbs exceeding 10 inches in diameter, or less than 3 feet in length will not be picked up.

UNACCEPTABLE – rose bushes, grape vines, pricker bushes, firewood, fence post, wood pallets or wood with nails or screws (these items need to be placed in trash bag or bundled and put out for weekly trash collection). Railroad ties and stumps have to be hauled away at homeowner’s expense.

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