Memorial Day Parade and Ceremonies

MayMay 27 2024

The annual Bedford Memorial Day parade will be Monday, May 27 at 10:15 a.m. The parade will begin at Bedford City Hall and proceed on Center Road to Broadway Avenue, halting at the Bedford Commons where the raising of the flag and decorating of Memorials occurs. At the conclusion of these ceremonies, the parade will reassemble and proceed south on Broadway to the Bedford Cemetery for the concluding ceremonies. The speaker this year is former Bedford Schools graduate James Decker, Captain, U.S. Coast Guard, retired. This year we will be honoring Hal Hooper Reichle (Desert Storm) and Brandon U. Sloan (Operation Iraqi Freedom) who lost their lives overseas while in the service of their country by adding them to our Memorial. Veterans are welcome to come and walk with us. The Memorial Day Parade is sponsored by the Bedford Veterans Memorial Day Parade Committee. For Further information or to participate contact Mike Guyer at 440-773-2835.


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