FEMA Announces Covid-Related Funeral Expense Reimbursement

Posted on April 19, 2021

On April 12th, FEMA launched a program to help families who have lost members to COVID,  and are providing reimbursement for funeral/related expenses that were incurred after January 20, 2020.

Who can apply– Citizens, qualified aliens, non-citizen nationals.  Decedents do not have to be any of previous three.

Criteria: Death has to have happened in US , our territories, or District of Columbia.

Submit:   Death certificate, has to say COVID on there somewhere.  If doesn’t—need to get it amended by official.

Other Documentation:  Invoice from funeral home or other documentation showing funeral-related expenses.  (see faq link below for additional information)

What do you get back?  :  Up to $9000 per decedent.

Fore more information or to register, call FEMA at 1-844-684-6333 or visit FEMA.gov/funeral-assistance/faq

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