Fire Training


Firefighters must continually train, because many of the emergencies we are expected to respond to do not occur very often and can be very serious in nature.Lieutenant Brian Harting is responsible for Fire and Rescue Training Division of the Bedford Fire Department. There are 10 Certified State of Ohio Fire Instructors to assist in the training of department firefighters.

Training topics included, but were not limited to; Building Construction, Fire Behavior, Strategy / Tactics, Incident Command, Pump Operations, Aerial Operations, SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus), Confined Space, Hazardous Materials, Vehicle Extrication and Rope Rescue.

Shift personnel conduct numerous building tours on an annual basis. The tours allow firefighters to familiarize themselves with layout, construction and other nuances of the structures in the community. This information gained in these tours can be applied to gain an understanding of how fire will affect the structure, strategy/tactics, and what obstacles crews may face in zero visibility conditions.

The training classes and time spent on building tours are vital to the delivery of safe, aggressive, and efficient services for those we serve.

Lieutenant Dan Dopslaf is responsible for the EMS Training Division of the Bedford Fire Department.

Paramedics are required to renew their certification with the State of Ohio every three years. Within every three year certification cycle paramedics must receive a minimum of 92 CE (continuing education) hours.

Some of the subjects covered are Advanced Life Support (ALS), Basic Life Support (BLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Departmental Training
Firefighters recently concluded an Incident Command refresher training.  The trainings were modeled after the nationally recognized Blue Card certification classes.  Firefighters from Bedford, Bedford Heights and Maple Heights participated in the training.


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