Important Income Tax Notice

Posted on December 3, 2018

The City of Bedford residents started utilizing the City’s innovative award winning online tax preparation system in 2003.  Fifteen years has gone by and new software and technology is available today.  The City was recently given an opportunity to obtain an updated online tax preparation system at a substantially reduced price.  This system is currently utilized by many other cities.  This new software program allows better advances in security and processing of data.  The new tax system requires a registration process so you can obtain a personal identification number and is similar to our current program for entry, with some exceptions.

The Income Tax Department will be holding public meetings to show the changes and how to utilize the system.

Online password registration begins January 16, 2019

Public Meetings will be held on:

When:  December 12, 2018 and January 9, 2019

Time:  6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Location:  Bedford City Hall Council Chambers


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