Operation: Bedford Bright Box

Operation: Bedford Bright Box: Transforming Electrical Boxes into Canvas

Bedford residents! The City of Bedford is starting a new project. We're turning plain, everyday electrical boxes into colorful pieces of art!

You know those big gray boxes you see on the sidewalks? Imagine them bursting with colors, pictures, and amazing designs. That's exactly what we're planning to do. And the best part? The art on the boxes will be created by our very own local artists!

If you’ve ever felt a spark of creativity and have thought, "I can make that box look amazing!" then this is your moment. The city wants artists to take up their brushes, think of a fun design, and paint or wrap their ideas onto these boxes. Not only will this make our streets more cheerful, but it's also a fantastic way for artists to show off their talents to everyone in Bedford.

Here’s how it works:

  1. If you’re an artist, or even if you just love to create, grab an application form.
  2. Sketch out your idea and tell us about it on the form.
  3. Once done, submit the form to citymanager@bedfordoh.gov.
  4. The city’s team will look at all the amazing designs and choose the ones that will decorate our streets.

Once approved, the City will either turn your design into a wrap for the selected box or will allow you to paint your design onto the box.

Remember, this is more than just coloring. It's about showing the heart and spirit of Bedford. It’s about everyone coming together and making our city even more special.

So, let’s get creative, Bedford! Let's turn our sidewalks into a big art gallery and celebrate the amazing artists we have right here in our community. We can't wait to see the streets shine with your creativity!

Operation: Bedford Bright Box Application

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