Railroaded: A Shadow of the Run Story

Posted on December 20, 2019

When: January 9-12, 2020

Where:  Bedford Historical Society – Train Station, 30 South Park, Bedford

Tickets:   To purchase tickets,  visit shadowoftherun.com.


Contact:  Shadow of the Run LLC

7601 Driftwood Cir NW
North Canton, OH 44720





Railroaded: A Shadow of the Run Story

About the story

Transient. Migrant. Homeless. Hobo. Hard times for those that hunger for Work, Food and Shelter during the Great Depression. Men and women traveled the countrys railways seeking work, some looking for a fresh start, but many tearing their families apart in order to provide for them. An unfortunate time where the less fortunate can disappear without a trace  whether by their hand, or another  and not even time can tell you their story. Throw in a serial killer, and how easy it is to become railroaded yourself.

Set yourself on a journey through this dark memory and see that glimpse of danger. Do be sure to wake before their reality becomes yours.

**As a POP-UP – RAILROADED is a short experience – 20 minutes in length, but will enhance your experience from Chapter 1, and next summer’s Chapter 2.

You do not need to have seen Chapter 1 to enjoy RAILROADED. 14 and up can attend with an adult.

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