FAQ Topic: Building permits

Do I need to post my building permit in my window?

Yes, it is necessary for each inspection that the set of approved plans, and the original yellow Building Permit inspection card be available to the Inspector at the time of each inspection. The inspector will check the actual construction against the approved plans and sign-off on the Building Permit card.

Do all permits need inspections?

Yes.  After your permit is issued, an inspection(s) will be required. Depending on the scope of your project, inspections may be required for foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical and similar work. A final inspection is required on all permits.

What do I need to know when hiring a contractor or remodeler?

No contractor or subcontractor in the building trades shall perform any work within the City without first obtaining a certificate of registration from the Building Commissioner. You may contact the Building Department to verify if a contractor is registered.

Do I need a permit from the building department?

Most construction, alteration, or repair work requires a permit. There are some exceptions, which you will find under the Exempted Work provision of the Residential Code of Ohio, or you may contact the Building Department.

How do I obtain a building permit?

The owner or the owner’s representative shall file an application in writing on a form furnished by the building department along with any required construction documents. The documents then go through a review process to obtain approval.  Once the approval has been issued the building department will contact the applicant so that the permit may … Continued

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