Identify your water line!

Posted on June 12, 2023

Ohio EPA has mandated that municipalities find out where lead services are located throughout the community to begin the process of eliminating them.

Your assistance is a key factor in completing this inventory and we’re asking for your help!

Cleveland Water is lead free when it leaves the treatment plants. Our water mains are not made from lead; however some customers’ service lines are lead. We implement best practices while maintaining our distribution system in our efforts to continually remove lead and reduce the chance of exposure. Older homes, especially those built before 1954, are more likely to have lead service lines, fixtures, and solder. However, even newer “lead-free” fixtures could contain lead.

To find out if you have a copper, lead, or galvanized steel service on your property, you (or your landlord) can perform a test on the water service line where it connects to the water meter to determine the material of the water service line on your property.  Below are helpful tips to help you identify what your water service line is made of:



Once identified, please complete this brief SERVICE LINE MATERIAL SURVEY!

Thank you four assistance. Feel free to contact Superintendent John Sokolowski at (440) 735-6588 for assistance or to schedule an in home assessment!

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