Posted on January 16, 2024

As the temperatures drop the risk for frozen pipes increases. Here are some tips prevent problems:

  • Keep your thermostat at 55 degrees or above, even when you are away.
  • Keep doors and windows closed and well insulated.
  • Caulk cracks to prevent cold air from entering your home.
  • Remove hoses and shut spigots from inside – drain if possible.
  • Use pipe insulation wherever possible.
  • During extreme temperatures run a trickle of water from your hot and cold faucets. The cost of the water is much less expensive than repairing broken pipes.
  • Open cabinet doors to circulate warmer room air around pipes.
  • Always keep your main service line shutoff valve clear and accessible. You may need to quickly shut the water of to minimize damage from burst piping.
  • Shut your water off at your main valve in leaving for an extended amount of time.
  • When thawing frozen lines never use open flame. Carefully us a hair dryer on the lowest setting and DO NOT get it wet.
  • Here’s a helpful video!
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