FAQ Topic: Services

How do I dispose of medication?

RX Drug Drop Box Program A drug Pill Drop Box, supplied by the County, has been permanently installed in the lobby of the Bedford Police Department. Anyone with expired or unused prescription pills can dispose of their medication in the Pill Drop Box 24/7. PILLS ONLY. No needles or liquids. Prescription opiates are often the … Continued

Do you offer background checks?

Yes we do.  This service is provided to City residents or any employee of a business located within the city.  That would include churches and civic organizations located within the city. Here is information on that service. Fingerprints – BCI/FBI Webchecks Our department does do the BCI and FBI fingerprints. Cost – BCI (only) $30 – … Continued

Can I put grass clippings in the garbage tote?

Yes, make sure they are in trash bags before putting in tote or bag and put next to the trash tote.  Do not put grass in the trash tote loose.  DO NOT put yard waste in the recycle tote.

How do I report a streetlight outage?

You can report the streetlight outage directly to The Illuminating Company using their website.  Use Service Requests, Street Lighting Problem.  You can also contact the Service Department.  Make sure you have the 6 digit pole number (medal band on the pole) and have an exact location or address of the pole that is affected.

How do I contact the Animal Warden?

Contact the Animal Warden at 440-232-1234 (non-emergency police).   Their hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

How do I get rid of my paint?

Latex paint can be disposed of by the resident.  Fill can with a drying agent such as kitty litter, oil dry, saw dust or let it air dry.  Once the paint is hard in the can, throw away in trash tote.

When does leaf season start?

Generally, leaf pick up will start approximately the third week of October.  Rake leaves to the tree lawn, do not put them in the street (that will block the catch basins).  You do not have to call the Service Department when you have leaves, they do a continuous pick up from street to street until … Continued

When is chipper available?

Chipper is available April through October.  We pick up one week per month during that time period, check the website to see weeks offered.  Addresses need to be called into the Service Department at 440-735-6583 once items have been put on the tree lawn for removal.

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