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April 23, 2012
Fire in a Building under Demolition
For the second time in eight hours Engine 13 responded to a report of a working fire.  At 0730 hrs an alarm of fire was transmitted for an incident in Maple Heights.  A building under demolition became involved in fire.  The fire was quickly extinguished by crews utilizing master streams and handlines from exterior positions.  Fortunately there were no injuries as a result of this incident.

April 22, 2012
Commercial Structure Fire (267 Northfield Rd)

At approx. 2300 hrs an alarm of fire in a structure was transmitted.  On arrival firefighters found heavy smoke and fire showing.  Crews entering the building encountered zero visibility and high heat conditions.  Taking firefighter safety into account, and after evidence of structural instability were noted, crews were withdrawn from the building and the bulk of the fire was extinguished from the exterior of the building.  Bedford Engine 13, Squad 19, Maple Heights Engine 1, Oakwood Engine 4 and Bedford Heights Ladder 4 as well as Car 10, Car 20 and Car 1 operated at the incident. There were no firefighter injuries and the cause remains under investigation.

Tornado Season
The severe weather season is upon us.  Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the Regional Siren Notification System.  Please click for more information.

April 14, 2012
Metro Parks Rescue

Firefighters responded to the Bedford Glens to rescue a hiker that had fallen approximately 10 feet after wandering off the hiking trail. Following rescue the victim was transported by helicopter to a local trauma center. Firefighters from Bedford, Maple Heights, Bedford Heights and Oakwood Village assisted in the labor intensive rescue. Bedford Engine 12 and Truck 15 (Rescue Trailer) responded to the incident.

April 5, 2012
House Fire
Engine 12 responded to a house fire in Maple Heights  this evening. Maple Engine 2 controlled the room and contents fire while Engine 12 conducted a primary search. There were no firefighter injuries.