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About the Building Department

Building Codes  affect each of us every day of our lives—whether in our homes, offices, schools, stores, factories or places of entertainment. We rely on the safety of structures that surround us in our everyday living. The public need for protection from disaster due to fire, structural collapse and general deterioration underscores the need for modern codes and their administration. Today’s building department also enforces laws that help protect its citizens from unscrupulous contractors while maintaining property values through property maintenance programs.

The City of Bedford, Division of Building is managed under the general supervision and direction of the City Manager’s Office. The Division is responsible for the enforcement of Building, Housing and Zoning codes as well as other ordinances adopted by City Council and set forth in the Building Code, Chapters 1301 through 1399, and the Zoning Code, Chapter 1901 through 1999. For all residential structures, the Building Department enforces the Bedford Dwelling House Code. This code includes the 2019 edition of the code entitled The Residential Code of Ohio with updates, plus the 2017 edition of the National Electrical Code and the 2017 edition of the Ohio Plumbing Code. It also includes the 2020 edition of the International Property Maintenance Code. For commercial (non-residential) buildings, as a State of Ohio-Certified Building Department, Bedford enforces the 2017 edition of the Ohio Building Code with updates, including the 2017 edition of the National Electrical Code, and the 2017 editions of the Ohio Plumbing Code, and Ohio Mechanical Code.

These codes are published by state and national organizations, not the city, and are adopted by reference. They are available for purchase from sources on our "Links" page. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or are in need of assistance.

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