Application for Rental Inspections and/or updating the ANNUAL Certificate of Rental License are now available online at


All rental units (apartments-residential dwellings-commercial properties), including "land contract" agreements are required to register with the City of Bedford prior to occupancy. Property owners must submit an ANNUAL application to the City of Bedford for a Certificate of Rental License.

1)   The Code requires you, as owner, to make proper application each and every December for an ANNUAL Certificate of Rental License for each rental unit on a site. The application must be made on the City's application form and it must contain the name of every adult person whose name is on the lease or rental agreement.

2)   The yearly fee for the Certificate of Rental License of $150 per single-family residence, $150 for two-family residence, $200 for three-family dwelling unit is due at that time, or the amount of $50 per suite in a structure with four or more dwelling units.

3)   Annual fees not collected by the Building Department by March 31 shall be DOUBLED.  (Ordinance 1311.32)


The inspection process insures to the City and its' citizens that the rental unit is clean, safe, well maintained and that the tenant is   not of a nature that they are inflicting damages that overall impacts safety or that of other tenants their overall safety or that of other tenants and close neighbors. This inspection should be done while the suite is still empty. In the case of a two-year period, you must make the necessary arrangements with the tenant concerning the inspection, if the tenant so chooses to allow the City inspectors acess on a pre-arranged date.

All rental properties (or units of) within the City shall be required to receive a new Certificate of Rental Inspection on a biennial basis or at a change in tenant. The owner must submit a Notification of Rental Inspection to the Building Department. On this Notification, the owner will indicate if the owner consents to a full inspection. If the owner does not consent, the City of Bedford may seek an administrative search warrant; or if no warrant is sought, the inspection shall be a limited inspection of areas in plain view of the inspector. No criminal penalty or any other penalty or fine under the Building Code shall attach, nor shall any Certificate of Rental Inspection be denied, solely by reason of the owner's, occupants, or agent's refusal to consent to a full inspection. Tenants need to be issued a Certificate of Rental Inspection prior to habitation.

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