Certificate of Transfer

As of Friday, May 13th, 2016, the City of Bedford enacted a FREEZE on ALL Point of Sale Inspections. The City will still perform a POS inspection on a voluntary basis upon written request. POS that were done PRIOR to 5/13/16 still need to follow procedure.

A CERTIFICATE OF TRANSFER is needed in order to transfer title.  It is IMPERATIVE that we are provided with the information below in order to fax the Certificate of Transfer to the title company.

The name(s) of the buyer(s) and contact number; whether the property will be owner-occupied, rental, or rehab/resale. If the property is not going to be owner-occupied, we will need the name/address/phone of a contact person. IF the owner is out of state, we need LOCAL agent contact info. We will also need the name of the title company & fax number so that we can issue Certificate to Transfer and update our records. A Special assessment (SAS) will also need to be obtained.

The city also REQUIRES verification for any possible liens/assessments found on the property. Please contact the City of Bedford Finance Department @ 440-735-6503 or 6504. This assures that the assessments have been acknowledged and will be paid. This is required PRIOR to the City issuing the Certificate to Transfer.

NOTE:  Please note that all properties remain subject to an exterior maintenance inspection.

The Point of Sale inspection reports are listed alphabetically by street address and are coded as follows:
1) Abbreviation of street 2) Address 3) Inspector who did report 4) Date of report

Point of Sale inspection reports (POS) should be on-line within (14) days from date of inspection but no later than (30) days. Every structure, both residential and commercial, requires a Point of Sale inspection prior to title transfer. If you cannot locate a POS below it may be due to the fact that one has not been ordered for the property, property has sold, or is invalid and has been taken off our site (POS reports are only good for ONE year).
IF You need to schedule a POS please call the Building Department @ 440-735-6530.

For bank owned, HUD or foreclosed properties, you can download the application below and submit to the Building Department. These properties MUST be totally vacant of all furnishings, etc. We will schedule the POS within 7 days from date of receipt of your request.

ESCROW HOLD STIPULATIONS: ANY Point of Sale violations that are not corrected before title transfer: The party who is interested in the property MUST submit an “itemized” estimate for ALL violations (no matter how minor) from a legitimate contractor (on their letterhead) to the inspector who did the Point of Sale report. Quickest way is to fax over to us @ 440-232-1558 to that inspector’s attention. Along with that estimate please provide us with the FULL NAME(S) that will be on the title and where to fax OUR escrow hold statement to. This Escrow Hold Statement will need to be copied onto the letterhead of whoever is holding the escrow. Once completed in full send back to us so we can issue the C/O for title transfer.

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