Refuse Collection and Recycling

All Bedford Residents are encouraged to recycle, for every ton recycled it saves $40.22 per ton in disposal costs.


Items to be placed in recycle tote:

Aluminum, Steel and Bimetal cans
Clear, brown and green glass jars and bottles - rinse and remove lids
#1 - #7 Plastic Containers
Newspaper, Magazines & Mail
Corrugated Cardboard
Telephone Books
Printer/Copier paper
Chipped board (cereal boxes)
Items excluded from recycling collection:

Window glass, light bulbs, drinking glasses, mirrors or ceramics. Containers that are contaminated (examples: motor oil, antifreeze, pesticide, herbicide and containers with food in them).
Refuse and recyclable materials will be picked up by two separate trucks. Please have recycling and solid waste containers out by the curb by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.
All appliances and furniture should be put out with your regular refuse.
Lumber, metal pipes or other loose material should be cut into lengths no longer than 4 feet in length.
Carpeting and padding should be cut and rolled into bundles not to exceed 4 feet in length.
NO AUTOMOTIVE BATTERIES - when you purchase a new battery, the place of purchase will take your old battery.
No Fuel tanks, propane tanks or metal drums.


Kimble will not make pickups on the following holidays, New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

If any of these holidays occur on a weekday prior to or on your collection day service will be delayed 1 day.

Click to view Refuse and Recycling Collection Routes: Recycling and Refuse Collection Routes

For more information about recycling, please visit the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District's website here.


When disposing of box springs and mattresses, all items need to be wrapped in plastic and taped closed.

If a furniture item has been contaminated with bed bugs, that item needs to be wrapped in plastic also.

This is for the safety of the waste removal employee.

Any questions regarding carts or waste removal, call the Bedford Service Department at 440-735-6583

Carts belong to Kimble Companies

Each cart is serial numbered to your home address

When moving out, carts MUST remain with property

If carts are removed, you will be billed $100.00 each.

Recycle items must be loose in recyclable cart, no bags allowed

Once you receive your carts, they are to be used for the next scheduled pick up


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