FAQ Topic: Services & safety

Do you offer smoke detectors to residents?

Yes, as long as you are a resident and live in a family dwelling.  There are two ways that you can get your free detector. (1) Stop by the FD with proof of residency and we will give you a detector. (2) If you are unable to get to the FD give us a call … Continued

Does the Fire Department offer tours to the public?

Yes, we welcome the opportunity to educate our citizen’s on what we do at the Bedford Fire Department.  The only thing we ask is that visits are prescheduled. Please send inquiries to Chantal Parker (cparker@bedfordoh.gov) so that we can make sure we adjust our daily schedule in order to provide you or your group the … Continued

Does the Fire Department offer CPR Classes?

Yes, there are currently 2 options available:  Full classes are scheduled on a periodic basis.  These are full instruction and hands on training. Individuals can take the online instruction and then schedule one on one sessions for the hands on portion. Additional questions should be emailed to Chief Nagy at dnagy@bedfordoh.gov.  

Are residents allowed to have commercial fire pits or fire rings?

Yes, as long as the following criteria are adhered to:       The location of any outdoor recreational fire shall not be less than 50 feet from a structure (house, garage, shed, etc.).       The material used for burning shall be considered a “clean fuel” such as seasoned dry firewood.       All fires must constantly be attended until the … Continued

How do I get rid of my paint?

Latex paint can be disposed of by the resident.  Fill can with a drying agent such as kitty litter, oil dry, saw dust or let it air dry.  Once the paint is hard in the can, throw away in trash tote.

When does leaf season start?

Generally, leaf pick up will start approximately the third week of October.  Rake leaves to the tree lawn, do not put them in the street (that will block the catch basins).  You do not have to call the Service Department when you have leaves, they do a continuous pick up from street to street until … Continued

When is chipper available?

Chipper is available April through October.  We pick up one week per month during that time period, check the website to see weeks offered.  Addresses need to be called into the Service Department at 440-735-6583 once items have been put on the tree lawn for removal.

Does the City have bulk pick up on trash for larger items?

We do not classify it as bulk pickup.  The larger item can go out with your regular trash on your scheduled trash day.  If you are disposing of bed items, mattress, box springs, they have to be wrapped in plastic and taped closed.   If you are planning on moving and have a large amount of … Continued

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