Board of Building Standards and Appeals

The Bedford Board of Building Standards and Appeals consists of 5 members appointed by Council who are citizens of Bedford and who are qualified by experience and training to pass upon matters pertaining to building construction. Members are generally appointed to a five-year term, with appointments expiring on successive years. Three members of the Board constitute a quorum, and three affirmative votes are required to pass on most matters before the Board. Members of this Board are not compensated but serve the City as volunteers.

The powers and duties of this Board are varied, and they include the following;

  • Affirm or reverse, in whole or in part, or modify, any decision of the Building Commissioner interpreting the provisions of the Building Code
  • Vary the application of any provision of the Building Code to any particular case when, in its opinion, enforcement thereof would do manifest injustice, would be contrary to the spirit of the Building Code or the public interest
  • Determine if any material or method of construction may be used, even though not specifically authorized by the Building Code, and specify the manner in which such materials and methods may be used
  • Determine any requirement for strength or stability of an existing or proposed building or structure, or for the safety or health of the occupants thereof, not specifically covered by the Building Code, or not readily interpretable from the provisions of the Building Code
  • Determine if any proposed rule of the Building Commissioner supplements or aids in the interpretation of the Building Code and is consistent therewith, and affirm, amend, modify or nullify any such proposed rule
  • Establish rules and regulations, conditions and qualifications for the registration, licensing or certification of the qualifications of any person performing work or providing services under this codes
  • Report and recommend to Council any amendment, deletion or addition to this Building Code
  • The Board is not authorized to substantially alter or modify the mandatory provisions of the Building Code

Appeals of any order of the Building Commissioner must be requested in a timely manner. An appeal from any decision of the Building Commissioner may be taken within 30 days from the date of the decision by paying a fee of $10 and filing with the Building Commissioner and with the Board a notice of appeal, specifying the grounds therefor. The hearing shall then be arranged without undue delay and the appeal heard. Meetings of the Board are considered to be public hearings, and as such we are required to comply with the public notice procedures as documented in Section 125.01 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Bedford. Hearings are generally held on the fourth Tuesday of the month if there is an agenda. The application or notice of appeal (found on this website) and all other submittals for a hearing before the Board must be submitted to the Building Department no later than the 15th day of the month prior to the month in which the hearing will take place.

5-year term (Work Session TBD & Regular Meeting TBD) (meetings as needed) (Ref: Charter Art. IX/Codified ยง1307)

Louis Latos
Ken Wilson
Yvonne Sudberry
David Lynch
George Green

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