Commencing with the month of January, 1982, and at least every ten years (10 yrs.) thereafter, Council shall appoint a commission of eleven (11) qualified electors of the Municipality to constitute a Charter Review Commission. The Commission shall review the Charter and propose for adoption not less than one hundred and twenty (120) days prior to the next November election, any alterations, revisions or amendments which the Commission deems advisable. Each proposal shall be submitted to the electorate unless rejected by a vote of five (5) or more members of Council. Such proposals shall be filed with the Board of Elections by Council and shall appear on the next November ballot. Each such Charter Review Commission shall cease to function on the day of the next November election following its appointment. Council may also appoint such Commission from time to time as they deem advisable. The members of the Commission shall serve without compensation, but Council shall provide for the payment of reasonable expenses.
Charter Reveiw Commission:
Cindy Klements
Anthony Longino-Thomas
Ken Robinson
Penny Wood
Scott McKenzie
Marilyn Trzeciak
Trish Duncan
Ralph King
Gina Pieragostine
Helen Briggs
Laura Hulett
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