Water Discount Application 2018 for 2019
Volunteer Application
Two Net Operating Loss Carryforward Examples Due to HB5
Taxpayers Rights and Responsibilities
Tax Form W1 Fillable Business Tax Withholding Form
Tax Form W-3 Fillable Business Withholding Tax Reconciliation Form
Swimming Pool Requirements
Statement of Special Inspections 2017 OBC
Statement of Special Inspections 2011 OBC
Snowplow Contractor Application
Sign Application & Letter of Intent
Sidewalk & Driveway Requirements
Shed Requirements
Safe Passages Program
Residential Replacement Plan Approval
Residential Plan Review Application
Residential Permit Application
Residential Deck Handout
Resident Guide
Required Inspections
Rental Inspection Guidelines
Recreation Facility Permit Application
Prevailing Wage Contractor Responsibilities from State
Point of Sale Inspection Guidelines
Planning Commission Application
Permits Fee Schedule
Parks & Recreation Part-time/Seasonal Positions
Ordinance to Waiver Estimated Tax Payment(s) Penalties & Interest
Ohio Department of Health Concussion Information Sheet For Youth Sports Organizations
November 2018 Newsletter
Notification of Foreclosed, Forfeited, Vacant Property Filing
Notice of Interest and Penalties
New Resident Questionnaire
New Business Questionnaire
Municipal Pool Information
Municipal Income Tax Laws – ch 178 (Effective Jan, 1 2016)
Local Board of Tax Appeal Process
Lindsay’s Law Parent/Participant Signature Form
Lindsay’s Law Info for Parents
Lindsay’s Law Info for Coaches
Landlord – Tenant Registration
January 2019 Newsletter
Instructions Preparing Certified Payroll Reports
Individual Return Changes Chapter 178 due to HB5
Handrail Handout
GO Debt Service Master Schedule
Garage/Yard Sale Application
Fence Worksheet
February 2019 Newsletter
Example Form
Enterprise Debt Master Schedule
Employment Application
Electrical Power Restore
EFW2 Reporting for Municipal Income Tax – 2018
EFW2 Reporting
Detached Garage Specs
Demo Inspections Required
December 2018 Newsletter
Debt Service Schedule
Contractors Final Release and Waiver of Lien Form
Contractor Registration Application
Contractor Bond
Commercial Plan Review Application
Commercial Permit Application
Clergy Income Taxable
City Zoning Map
City Tax Ordinances
Change of Occupancy Policy
Certified Payroll Form for Prevailing Wages
Business Tax Changes Chapter 178 Due to HB5
Board of Zoning Application
Backflow Prevention Form
Application for Yearly Rental License
Application for Rental Inspection
Application for Point of Sale Inspection – Vacant or Bank Owned Only
Application for Certificate of Occupancy
Affidavit of Contractor Form
Affidavit of compliance
2019 Youth Basketball Schedules (Grades 1-8)
2019 Youth Basketball Game Schedules
2019 Youth Baseball Flyer
2019 Winter Youth Basketball Flyer
2019 Winter Futsal Flyer
2019 Summer Day Camp Flyer
2019 State of the City
2019 Spring Soccer Flyer
2019 Spring Futsal Flyer
2019 Senior Lunch Menu
2019 Appropriation Budget
2018 Summer Day Camp Parents Handbook
2018 State of the City
2018 Municipal Net Profit Tax Return
2018 Individual Tax Return
2018 Fall Adult Softball Info Sheet
2018 Appropriation Budget
2018 Adult Softball Info Sheet
2017 Water Quality Report
2017 Individual Tax Return
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