FAQ Topic: Permits & licensing

Do I need to post my building permit in my window?

Yes, it is necessary for each inspection that the set of approved plans, and the original yellow Building Permit inspection card be available to the Inspector at the time of each inspection. The inspector will check the actual construction against the approved plans and sign-off on the Building Permit card.

Do all permits need inspections?

Yes.  After your permit is issued, an inspection(s) will be required. Depending on the scope of your project, inspections may be required for foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical and similar work. A final inspection is required on all permits.

What do I need to know when hiring a contractor or remodeler?

No contractor or subcontractor in the building trades shall perform any work within the City without first obtaining a certificate of registration from the Building Commissioner. You may contact the Building Department to verify if a contractor is registered.

Can I do the work myself or do I need to hire a contractor?

A homeowner owner may perform work on a single family dwelling in which he/she permanently resides. This exemption will not apply to the owner of a premise which is rented or leased. The homeowner shall submit a notarized affidavit to the Building Commissioner stating the nature and extent of the work to be performed. Any work … Continued

Do I need a permit from the building department?

Most construction, alteration, or repair work requires a permit. There are some exceptions, which you will find under the Exempted Work provision of the Residential Code of Ohio, or you may contact the Building Department.

Are weddings permitted at Bedford Commons?

  The City of Bedford does allow the use of the gazebo at Bedford Commons, located at 730 Broadway Avenue, for weddings and pictures  at no charge. A permit is required for scheduling purposes. There is no cost for the permit. Permits are not issued until the annual festival schedule is finalized which is on … Continued

How do I get permission for a neighborhood block party?

If your neighborhood is interested in having a block party, please contact the City Manager’s Office via email at citymanager@bedfordoh.gov or send your written request to the City of Bedford, City Manager’s Office, 165 Center Road, Bedford, Ohio 44146. Information needed is the coordinator’s name, address, phone number,  date of the event, time of event, … Continued

Do I need a permit to have an outdoor fire?

No permit is required for backyard fire pits or fire rings.  Fires over 3 foot in diameter are considered bonfires and must have prior approval from the Fire Department. Commercial fire pits or fire rings are allowed as long as the following criteria are adhered to: The location of any outdoor recreational fire shall not … Continued

How do I obtain a building permit?

The owner or the owner’s representative shall file an application in writing on a form furnished by the building department along with any required construction documents. The documents then go through a review process to obtain approval.  Once the approval has been issued the building department will contact the applicant so that the permit may … Continued

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