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John Sokolowski
Water Superintendent

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To provide potable water to the residents and business owners of the City of Bedford in supplies adequate to meet the fire protection, domestic and commercial needs of our community. To minimize the risk to health and property by providing prompt maintenance and repair services.  To respond to all customer inquiries and concerns, courteously and professionally. We serve our customers and one another with courtesy and dignity, recognizing the impact our actions have on the economic development and quality of life in our community, now and in the future.


The City of Bedford water distribution system dates back to the 1910’s. We are a master metered community, purchasing our water from the City of Cleveland.   We do not treat, pump, or store the water after it enters our system.  There is roughly 50 miles of underground water mains made of 2 different kinds of material, primarily cast iron and ductile iron, with the pipes ranging in size from 4 inch to 16 inch.  Together, our staff maintains all the pipes underground along with the hydrants, valves, meters, and water reads and billing.   GIS mapping, asset management, and cross connection control are additional focus points for our department.


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