Besides providing quality drinking water when and where you need, another important job of our water distribution system is to provide fire protection.

This is accomplished via a vast network of fire hydrants fed by our water mains. Hydrants are located about every 300 feet along most streets throughout our community.  To ensure hydrants are operating properly, our fire department performs the necessary task of hydrant flushing. This is done at least once a year, usually in the summer or fall months.

If you see city employees flushing hydrants, PLEASE SLOW DOWN!

Flushing hydrants is an important maintenance activity that ensures hydrants are working properly and that adequate water flow will be available in the event of a fire.  Flushing also removes sediment that naturally accumulates in water pipes. Removing these materials through flushing maintains the high quality of the water we provide to you.

When hydrant flushing occurs in our community, you may notice yellow, orange, or brown-tinted water coming from your faucet. If this happens, simply run your cold water tap for several minutes until the water runs clear.  This temporary discoloration only affects the appearance of the water – it is not a health or safety risk. However, you may want to avoid doing laundry during scheduled flushing times, as the discoloration could stain light-colored clothing.

If you experience discoloration for a prolonged time, please call our Distribution Office at (440) 735-6588.

Hydrant Flushing

Check out this educational video!


During winter months when the snow and ice piles high, our fire hydrants often are buried. If you are able, please clear snow from around hydrants and avoid shoveling snow on top of them so that fire crews can quickly gain access during an emergency.

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