The purpose of our valve exercising program is to exercise main line valves throughout the distribution system to assure reliable operation and maintain water quality. The program was designed to serve a multitude of needs.  Underground infrastructure is very difficult and costly to replace, developing programs that can help extend the life cycle of underground infrastructure  and saves ratepayers a great deal of money over time.

The benefits of the valve exercising program are exponential.  The program accurately records detailed valve information, ensures valve reliability in the event of an emergency, allows staff the ability to immediately isolate water lines for main flushing and for main breaks, and results in less staff overtime in dealing with emergency repairs.  All of these benefits contribute to less water loss or waste and the least possible water service disruption time to our customers.

Valve Program


If you see city employees exercising valves, PLEASE SLOW DOWN!

Our valve exercising trailer is outfitted with a high powered vacuum that allows our staff to vacuum dirt and other debris from the operating nut on a valve, allowing for immediate access to valves in case of emergencies and for scheduled preventative maintenance.  If an operating nut it in poor condition, we have the ability to replace it without excavation.

Once we have access to the operating nut, the trailer exercises the valve, breaking away any corrosion and tuberculation that may exist on the seat of the valve.  By breaking up this tuberculation we are able to get valves to completely seal, allowing us to minimize the amount of water lost during construction or water main leaks.  While turning valves, staff cross-references our GIS database to ensure that all of our infrastructure mapping is up to date and accurate.  Check it out! 

You may notice yellow, orange, or brown-tinted water coming from your faucet during valve exercising . If this happens, simply run your cold water tap for several minutes until the water runs clear.

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