Q: What are the meter spacing specs for residential water meters?

A:  3/4×5/8 Meter Spacing = 7-1/2″  &  1″ Meter Spacing = 10-3/4″   *Measurements do not include meter spuds.

Q: Why is my water discolored?

A: Natural minerals in the water build up on the walls of the pipe over years. These sediment can be disturbed in the water main due to higher flows such as main breaks, opening fire hydrants, or flow direction change.

Q: Is discolored water dangerous?

A: No, there is no health threat even though it is not very appealing to drink.

Q: What do I do when I get discolored water?

A: You can run your tap for a few minutes, if it does not clear up after that do not run any water and let the main clear itself and try again later.

Q: Why is my water cloudy (white color)?

A: The water coming into your home is lake temperature and when it comes into the house the pipes are warmer. The oxygen in the water reacts to the change in temperature and makes the water cloudy. Let the water stand for a few minutes and the oxygen will clear out. The water is safe to drink.

Q: Where does my responsibility start at?

A: Home owners responsibility starts on the backside of the shut off in the tree lawn, or right away, all the way to the house. Plumbing in the house is home owner’s responsibility, the city owns the meter but it’s the property owner’s responsibility to keep the meter from being damaged, or freezing.

Q: How do I tell if I have a leak in my home?

A: When you look at the face of your meter there is a red triangle, this triangle should not be moving if you are not using water in the house. If this triangle is moving then there is water moving through your meter letting you know you have a leak somewhere on the property.

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