Ohio Youth Concussion Law

As of April 26, 2013, Ohio’s Return-to-Play law (ORC 3313.539 or ORC 3314.03) requires that Ohio youth athletes who are suspected of sustaining a concussion, MUST be removed from practice or play. Ohio laws prohibit a child to return to play (practice or competition) on the same day that he/she is removed on suspicion of having sustained a concussion. He/she may return the following day if cleared in writing by a physician (MD or DO) or other authorized healthcare provider that they did not sustain a concussion.

All volunteer athletic coaches are required to take concussion training, available online.  The training is free.  A copy of each coach's certificate of completion must be turned into the Parks and Recreation Department office prior to coaching your first game.  Click here for a link to the training course.

For additional information, visit the Ohio Department of Health's website.


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